ENGO ME Elettra 200 ice resurfacer
The ENGO ME Elettra 200 is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This model was used at the IIHF World Championships in 2013.
Standard features and accessories:

  • Electric drive
  • Side cutter
  • Multifunction joystick
  • Snow auger stop system when raising the support
  • Electronically adjustable cutter
  • Multifunction touch screen display
  • Patented quick change blade system
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Quick charging batteries – fully charged in 7 hours
  • Oil hand brake
  • Cutter brake
  • Side brush
  • Back up alarm
  • Four wheel drive
  • Emergency shutdown button for the entire system
  • Constant support downforce
  • Cutting depth of up to 1 cm
  • Cutting depth displayed automatically
  • Manual water filling
  • Automatic locking of water fill valve
  • 2 halogen lamps
  • Power steering
  • Low water indicator
  • Battery charge status
  • Towing hook
  • Ice washing rag
  • Water tank for approximately 950 l
  • Snow compartment with capacity of 3,2 m3
  • Patented auger cleaning system
  • Cutter with total length of 2000 mm
  • Replacement cutter blade
  • Comfortable and adjustable driver’s seat with arm rest
  • Rotating beacon
  • Batteries: 80V – 735 Ah – 14 resurfacing trips covering up to 1.800m2 / service life of 1,500 charging cycles
  • Operator training
  • Manual

An exceptional ice resurfacer with electric drive. The ice resurfacer is fully equipped for ice resurfacing and delivers many accessories as standard equipment. The ice resurfacer’s electric drive delivers an unparalleled level of independence, utility and comfort. The quality of the supplier as well as the high quality of the workmanship ensures a high quality product ready for many years of service. The electric drive also makes the ice resurfacer more ecological by eliminating all harmful exhaust emissions.
Ice resurfacer advantages:
Ecologically friendly
Low operating costs
Can be used both indoors and outdoors