Price: starting at €4,890,000 excl. VAT - TURNKEY     



1. Refrigerated space: +4°C

Cooling for refrigerated space in hall is provided by indirect cooling equipment. A liquid-liquid type chiller is installed in the chiller plant. An insulated piping system is used to distribute the antifreeze (e.g. 15 % MEG) cooling media. Individual coolers with axial fans are suspended beneath the roof of the hall and equipped with control valves (ball valves with electric actuators).

2. Freezer space: -20°C

Cooling for freezer space in hall is provided by direct cooling equipment. A common chiller is installed in the chiller plant. Stainless steel and copper pipes are used to distribute cooling media in the hall. Individual evaporators with axial fans are suspended beneath the roof of the hall.

3. Chiller plant

The chiller plant is equipped with a liquid-liquid type chiller for the refrigerated space, a common chiller with a water-cooled condenser for the freezer space, a liquid-liquid heat pump, hydraulic equipment for all fluid circuits, electrical and BMS switchboards and other obligatory equipment.
A heat pump is connected to use the condensation heat from both chillers. Heat supplied by the heat pump is used for building technical equipment (hot water, heating water, HVAC, etc.) in the office areas.
PA dry cooler installed outdoors is used to handle excess and unused condensation heat.
Total installed capacity:600kW
Electricity use: approx. 180,000 kWh/month


The price includes all project development costs as well as design work and engineering activities – representation in front of authorities in order to obtain permits, from construction to and including occupancy and use permitting (notice of project completion).


1. Foundation work:
As needed depending on structural plan

2. Refrigerated / freezer space:
Assembled steel frame structure with PUR panel cladding, 200 mm thick, fasteners, parapets, anchors, side ventilation grates, active roof vents, corner moldings for hall/front, entire hall,industrial flooring installed on insulated reinforced concrete pad

3. Refrigerated vestibules
Two assembled steel halls anchored to concrete pad (foundation work as needed depending on structural plan), PUR sandwich panel cladding, 200 mm thick. Loading dock – 6 automatic gates for every vestibule. Windows and doors – plastic frames with insulated triple glazing / solid inserts. Dividing walls and partitions made from concrete blocks with paint. Delivery and installation of building technical equipment including sanitary fittings (ready-to-use).

4. Social/office facilities
Two-floor assembled steel building, roof structure: concrete panel on trapezoidal steel sheet metal. Cladding of exterior walls and roof – PUR panels, 120 mm thick, internal surface of exterior cladding – plasterboard panels, interior paint. Dividing walls – plasterboard, 125 mm thick / AAC concrete blocks, 125 mm thick. Delivery and installation of building technical equipment including sanitary fittings. Delivery and installation of flooring (ready-to-use).

5. Heating/cooling/ventilation
Complete outfitting including central, automated control/remote control or online control using a mobile phone or tablet.

6.Electrical installation
Complete outfitting including light fixtures/switches/sockets – ATTENTION! At least 600 kW of power must be available at the mains and must be secured by the buyer/contractor.

7. Shelving system
Price includes delivery and assembly of NEDCON shelving system with maximum capacity of 4,000 EURO pallets per hall and handling equipment – 2 electric forklifts including charging stationse

8.Paved surfaces.
Price includes construction of paved surfaces and roads, including access to loading docks and construction of parking surfaces and parking spaces measuring a total of 3750m²

Price includes all items in Points 1 to 8 above including delivery anywhere in the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Poland.

Price does not include:
Land – purchase and any ancillary costs related to purchase, surveying work and hydro-geological assessments
Furnishings and outfitting for offices, kitchen, employee locker room furniture, site fencing and exterior lighting for paved surfaces, construction of outdoor gatehouse and security service buildings.

5 YEAR WARRANTY on entire building and all equipment
25 year warranty on HUPRO hall system