VPULT20A score board characteristics

Displaying time:
Displays breaks before games
Individual periods

Hockey: 2 min., 5 min., 2+2 min., 5+2 min., 2+2+2 min., 5+2+2 min., major penalty, 2+major penalty, 5+major penalty, 2+2+major penalty
All penalty logic is based on ice hockey game rules (automated penalty updating to reflect scoring), delayed penalties. Everything can be displayed on the scoreboard – current penalties as well as delayed penalties – all with online display mode switching
Individual player penalties
Team penalties
Displays the score

Completely configurable (length and number)
Includes technical timeouts (length and number)
Timeouts and technical timeouts can be automated
Triggers are configurable (end of periods, timeouts, game play, before end of game, before end of timeouts with manual trigger that can be used at any time)
Corrections and deletions:
All values (number and duration) can be corrected or deleted.
The controller can be used for any other sport.
The controller is fully functional with any LED score board (e.g. you can but don’t have to display the number of the player serving a penalty, the results of individual sets, faults on individual players, etc.)
The controller includes a real time circuit (if the real time needs to be displayed on the score board)

External outputs:
Multiple score boards
Goal lights (ice hockey)
Siren controls (sirens are usually controlled directly from the score board)
Outputs for other processed signals (e.g. to a television broadcast)
Communication between score board and controller:
Hardwire – RS 485 or RS 422 link
Wireless – modern and very reliable Bluetooth technology (protection against interference with secure data transmission)
Menu language options:
Czech, Slovak, English, German, Russian, etc.

LED score board models


Display: score, game time, period, timeout, penaltiesy
Dimensions: 290 x 85 cm
Digit sizes: 30 cm hrací čas, skóre
23 cm period
16 cm penalties
Power: One (1) 230V socket
Hmotnosť: Weight: around 50 kg
The score board includes a controller. The score board can also display the real time instead of the game time if the score board is not active.

HC 10A

Display: score, game time, penalty time, major penalty, timeout
Dimensions: 400×100 cm
Digit sizes: 30 cm game clock and score
30 cm game time (00:00 to 99:59), score (00 to 99)
Brightness: brightness control
Construction: full aluminum frame and sheet metal
Surface finish: matte black powder coating
Maintenance access: from both sides
Power: One (1) 230V socket
The score board includes a controller. The score board can also display the real time instead of the game time if the score board is not active.

1. Siren (powered from score board) Price: €189 excl. VAT
2. Independent controls for score, start and stop – external button from controller Price: €250 excl. VAT
3. Wireless controls (between score board and controller) Price: €240 excl. VAT
4. Goal lights: Price: €439 excl. VAT (per pair)
5. UTP Cat 5e connecting cable (between score board and controller or controller and goal lights)

6. Separate clock Price: €784 excl. VAT

  • Format 88:88, – GPS (DCF) external connection, included in clock
  • Digit height: 23 cm
  • Dimensions 685 x 275 mm

Installation requirements:
a. One (1) 230V socket for each device (score board, controller and clock
b. Frame structure – not included with score board or any price quotation.
c. The score board has a weight of approximately 20 kg/m2