The ice surface cover system is designed for use in ice rinks and sports halls with ice surfaces in order to facilitate multipurpose use of the facility. The company surface with high quality insulation allows the ice surface to be used for various sporting, social and commercial purposes.

Basic information:

The interlocking “PUZZLE” system ensures a strong connection between the individual panels on the surface and delivers excellent compressive strength.

Each panel has dimensions of 1760 x 1170 x 38 mm, covering a surface area of 2.03 m2 and a weight of 13 kg; each panel is comprised of two layers.

The surface layer is heat formed ABS plastic that is 3 mm thick to provide a rigid and compact surface with a special anti-slip design and a fire resistant layer.

Advantages: strong, flexible, resistant to heavy loads – color and design may be selected from the pattern book.

The lower insulating panels are assembled in groups of three next to one another while the supper cover panel is connected using rigid plastic screws.

Advantages: excellent insulation properties, shape holding, the panels do not absorb moisture and do not stick to ice surface, perfect absorption of kinetic energy, 100 % recyclable.

Insulation: Excellent insulation properties ensure optimum surface temperature, effective thermal insulation covering the ice surface and decreased overall costs for operating the rink.

Handling: Low weight and optimum dimensions of individual panels facilitates easy handling, quick and simple laying and subsequent disassembly. No tools or other jigs are required for assembly purposes.

Safety: The insulating layer absorbs impact from footfalls and helps prevent joint injuries 
and muscle strains. The special anti-slip surface ensures safe movement around the entire surface and reduces the risk of injury.

Technical parameters

Upper panel

Material: TPU/ABS (polyuretan elastomer/akrylnitril-butadien-styren-kopolymer)

Color: black
Bulk density pursuant to ISO 1183: 1090 – 1120 kg/m3 Weight: 6.7 kg

PTCH (technical fire safety characteristics):
Softening temperature pursuant to ISO 306: >85 °C,  Breakdown temperature: >260 °C,  External ignition temperature: >210 °C,  
Value of heat of combustion pursuant to DIN 51900: 25 – 38 MJ/kg, 
Coefficient of equivalent quantity of wood K: 2,3

Lower panel

Material: PP-E (expanded polypropylene)
Color: dark gray to black, Bulk density: 70 – 80 kg/m3
Weight: 5.7 kg PTCH pursuant to ČSN 64 0149 (ISO 871):
Flash point: 335 °C
Flash point: 400 °C PTCH pursuant to ČSN ISO 1928:
Heat from combustion: 46,09 MJ/kg
Coefficient of equivalent quantity of wood K: 2,6
Number of panels to cover 1800 m2: approximately: 900 ks
Weight of panels to cover 1800 m2: approximately: 11 250 kg
Load capacity: 0.25 MPa (example: load capacity of a 105 mm diameter stand leg is 220 kg, load capacity of the legs of a 200 x 200 mm stand is 1,019 kg)
Coefficient of thermal conductivity: 0,044 W/mK
Thermal resistance: 0,916 m2K/W
Classification based on reaction to flame pursuant to Article 11.3 of ČSN EN 13501-1:2002: Efl
Fire load pn: 15 kg/ m2
Suitable extinguishing media: we recommend medium to heavy foam, diffused water spray or water fog. Small flames can be extinguished using water, foam or dry fire extinguishers.