Price: starting at €3,390,000 excl. VAT     


Average consumption hall  is 60,000 kWh/month

Ice surface pad

Horizontal subsoil compaction and marking of vertical boundaries with multilayer boards, all components for digital measurements including heated ice pad, thermal insulation, waterproofing, reinforcing pad, rink cooling pipes, reinforced concrete pad, ice surface paint, heating and cooling media distribution and collection mains from the chiller plant.

  • Waterproofing
  • Thermal insulation
  • Reinforcement
  • Concretes
  • Delivery and installation included in the price of the project for the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Poland

Ice surface cooling technology

Ice surface cooling and base heating, heating and cooling generated by a heat pump and a bivalent (auxiliary) electric boiler. Equipment for heating and treating water for the ice resurfacer, water treatment for melting pit (recycling system).
A heat pump using waste heat from the cooling system serves as the primary source of heat.

  • Chiller
  • Heat pump
  • Adiabatic dry cooler
  • Melting pit
  • Bivalent heater
  • Technical hot water tank
  • Tube sheet
  • R 134a refrigerant charge
  • Piping system to heat the ice surface with all connections
  • Delivery and installation included in the price of the project for the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Poland


Measurement and controls – BMS

Independent measurement and controls, automated control over all installed systems and technologies, uniform visualization of instrumentation panel and distribution lines + software licenses + programming work + installation, commissioning and training.


The price includes all project development costs as well as design work and representation in front of authorities in order to obtain permits, from construction to and including occupancy and use permitting (notice of project completion).


  1. Foundation work: as needed depending on structural plan
  2. Exterior cladding: hall consisting of steel HUPRO system segments (cladding with integrated thermal insulation and waterproofing),
    Front walls: Frame structure/sandwich panels.
    Entrance structure: thermal insulated concrete walls with finish coat plaster, fire safety: pursuant to instructions from authorities.
  3. Internal furnishings: load bearing and partition walls: concrete block with paint,
    Ceilings: plasters and painted concrete panels. Entire facility: complete outfitting of sanitary facilities including all fixtures (ready-to-use), flooring in the entire facility delivered and installed, locker rooms including lockers, stands with 600 seats including seats.
  4. Heating/cooling/ventilation: complete outfitting including central, automated control/remote control or online control using a mobile phone or tablet.
  5. Electrical installation: complete outfitting including light fixtures/switches/sockets – ATTENTION! At least 400 kW of power must be available at the mains and must be secured by the buyer/contractor
  6. Outdoor facilities: parking lot for 30 cars + 3 buses + paving included in price.
  7. Special ice rink furnishings: boards, nets, goals, rubber, team benches, penalty boxes, complete scoreboard (ready to play) from catalog.
  8. ENGO ice resurfacer: from catalog.

Price includes all items in Points 1 to 8 above including delivery anywhere in Austria.

Price does not include:
Land – purchase and any ancillary costs related to purchase, surveying work and geological assessments
Furnishings and outfitting for fitness center, restaurant, kitchen, relaxing sauna facilities, reception, shop, cafes and offices


5 YEAR WARRANTY on entire building and all equipment
25 year warranty on HUPRO hall system